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What Are Your Marketing Struggles?

Businesses & Independent Professionals: What Are Your Marketing Struggles?Are you a small to medium-sized business owner or professional who offers high quality products and services? Do your past and current customers repeatedly tell you they really like doing business with you and they regularly recommend you to others? Yet you find yourself struggling with at least one of the following marketing issues:

  • New prospects seem solely focused on price?
  • Feel forced into a price competition to get their business?
  • Find yourself squashing profits in order to “price match” to be “competitive”?
  • Struggle with sales;
  • Have a hard time connecting with prospects;
  • You’re not tech savvy but you know Social Media and being mobile “friendly” is important these days and that you ought to be “doing something” with Facebook and Twitter;
  • Pay for ADs or marketing services that are not getting you the results you’d like;
  • Income is down or variable and cashflow and/or payroll irregular.

Discover how to:

  • Increase the effectiveness of your current marketing efforts;
  • Have your ideal customers more easily find you;
  • Connect earlier and more often with prospects and current customers;
  • Increase your conversion of prospects to customers;
  • Capture and immediately follow-up all customer leads, with zero effort on your part;
  • Stabilize cashflow and/or payroll;
  • Ensure your business is Internet and mobile friendly.

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Market & Sell Your Knowledge, not your time

Entrepreneurs, Experts, Speakers, Coaches, Non-fiction Writers: Market & Sell Your Knowledge, Not Your TimeDo you have expertise and an burning desire to help others solve problems? Would you like to grow your business? Ever thought about starting your own business, or transitioning from a “job” to generating prosperity via your passions?

Would you like to:

  • Find a way to turn your knowledge into multiple income streams;
  • Figure out where and how to start;
  • Create & implement a start-to-finish, step-by-step plan;
  • Market, promote, and sell your knowledge;
  • Start NOW!

Entrepreneurs, Experts, Speakers, Coaches, Non-fiction Writers: Market & Sell Your Knowledge, Not Your Time

Discover how:

  • To position yourself as an expert;
  • To have your ideal salesperson;
  • To magnetically attract your ideal clients or customers;
  • To sell your knowledge, and free up more of your time;
  • A book, products, and services can create multiple income streams;
  • Using automated systems (where appropriate) can further free up your time.

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