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5 Marketing Secrets That Will Have You Thriving In 2012 and Beyond

29 Jul 2012 | Categories: Internet Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Video Production | Posted by: Cheryl

What do these industries have in common: train/locomotive; manufacturing; and newspaper/publishing? They all missed a massive shift in their industry. Rather than capitalize on it, many business were crushed by it.

When cars arrived, people could get to where they wanted to go without a train schedule. With the arrival of affordable air travel, they could travel further at lower cost and in less time. In manufacturing, it became more cost effective for big companies to move their operations off-shore to developing countries. In more recent times, the rise of the Internet and electronic readers saw customers quickly move away from printed newspapers and magazines.

Every 15 to 25 years, major innovation completely changes the face of how we do business. Right NOW, mobile devices are doing to desktop computing what offshore manufacturing has done to domestic jobs. They are being replaced! There is a massive shift away from desktop computing toward mobile computing. This is a shift from “old media” to “new media.”

Major Business Innovation—New Media

In “old” media, you read the newspaper. Today, people go online. In “old” media, people used their land lines to make phone calls. Today, people pick up their cell phone. In the “old” media, people picked up the Yellow Pages to find a business. Today they use their smartphone and a search engine.

By the end of 2014, mobile use will surpass desktop use. Today’s savvy consumers have access to more information than ever before and are demanding peer reviews of your products and services. They are getting these reviews on their mobile device, EVEN AS THEY STAND IN YOUR STORE! Either you need to help your customers make an informed buying decision, or your competitors will. Are you prepared to take advantage of this massive change OR will your competitors scoop up your customers?

You could miss the massive shift underway right now, if you are solely depending on “old media” and desktop computers. If you’re currently using the newspaper, Yellow Pages, postcards, or space ADs for business, you run the risk of being crushed by your competition by the end of 2014. Using the Insightful Marketing Program™, we ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

With the exception of specific, targeted industries with an older demographic, old media doesn’t work as well as it used to. Your customers—young and old—are using new media to decide whom they are going to do business with. And if your phone has been quieter than it used to be, right now that choice is not you.

New Media Revolution—Why Mobile Media Matters

More than 26 billion online videos are viewed per month in the US alone. Online video accounts for more than 60% of all Internet traffic and YouTube is now the #2 search engine. There are 4 times as many mobile phone users as Internet users. And more than 33% of phones use high speed data services (iPhone, Android, and Blackberry).
Did you know that over 3 billion iPhone Apps have been downloaded? And that Apple iTunes has over 100,000 apps? Blackberry and Android also have app stores.

Accompanying the rocketing popularity of mobile devices, we note the following:

  • Mobile advertising has a 10 times higher click through rate than online advertising;
  • Mobile advertising has 8 times higher brand awareness;
  • Mobile traffic has a 6 times higher purchase intent than online traffic.

The statistics above scream loud and clear that you need to be where your customers are every day. This means:

  • You need to be online and on their phone;
  • Just having a web page isn’t enough anymore;
  • If you are not already, you MUST become a respected and trusted authority in your industry;
  • A Yellow Pages AD alone isn’t going to get the job done!

You might be asking yourself, “But does new media work LOCALLY?” Know that more than 30% of all Internet searches are local, and include the location in the search phrase. Even non-local searches include local data.

Loganville Furnace Repair search results

To demonstrate what we are talking about, let’s search for “Loganville Furnace Repair”. Looking at the picture of search engine results, notice that videos are listed first. This means that the search engines have analyzed consumer search results and have determined that video is the most desired content by consumers. Local business are shown in the directory listings elsewhere.

You are likely thinking, “But are my clients really looking for me online? And how the heck do I make a video?” You bet they are! It takes years to build a good relationship with a client and seconds to lose them to a competitor. This trend was reported in April of 2008 by Juniper Research, “PRESS RELEASE: ‘Local Search’ to become a Key Application for over 30% of mobile phone users by 2013.”

How to Thrive Using New Media

What if we said you could establish yourself as an industry leader in your area for less than you’d spend on a paltry, text-only, Yellow Pages AD in a book that someone is using to prop up a table? The crazy part is you can do this month after month until your competition begs you for mercy. The 5 marketing secrets that will ensure your success using new media:

  • Regular short videos and articles;
  • Lead capture campaign;
  • Follow-up campaign;
  • Local search directory visibility;
  • Targeted Internet ADs.

And 5 more to ensure increased market share:

  • Video Blog
  • Podcasting
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Smartphone Applications
What You Must Do For Your Business NOW

Whoever you choose to provide your marketing services, insist they include the following as part of your strategic marketing plan:

  • Establish all New Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.);
  • Regularly produce short videos and distribute them to over 100+ places;
  • Setup online lead capture mechanisms;
  • Setup automatic followup (make money while you sleep);
  • Get listed in all local search directories;
  • Setup and run a full New Media advertising campaign.

The sooner you start, the quicker you will grow your business and grow revenue.

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