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David Gerry | Insightful Marketing Inc.

David Gerry
Insightful Marketing Inc.

David’s introduction to marketing began over 30 years ago. After obtaining a B.Sc. in psychology, he started a windsurfing company. To make running his company more effective, David obtained a diploma in marketing at Ryerson. Since then he has gone on to be partner in several companies in the fields of solar energy, microelectronics, and industrial manufacturing.

As a direct result of becoming a foster parent to two children with special needs in 1990, David needed to use the entrepreneurial skills he had acquired in order to start a charity whose mission was to provide services to families raising kids with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Under his leadership, The FASD Community Circle went on to set up the first children’s FASD clinic on Vancouver Island. Adult clinics then followed. Currently, David is co-chair of the advisory committee of Herway Home—a comprehensive support program for pregnant and early parenting women who struggle with substance use.

David now uses insights gained across these diverse fields to help companies develop marketing plans and strategies to effectively reflect and promote their unique strengths using mobile and Internet marketing tools and techniques.

David is host of the online telesummit “Living With FASD 2013 Summit“.

Cheryl Sivertson | Insightful Marketing Inc.

Cheryl Sivertson
Vice President
Insightful Marketing Inc.

Cheryl is passionate about helping others become even more successful. Combining her love of technology with her passion to help others, in recent years she has turned her eye toward helping businesses, authors, and experts increase their income and create more freedom and flexibility in their life by selling their knowledge, rather than their time.

Cheryl obtained a BSc in computer science more than 20 years ago. Her career has always involved finding ways to use technology to free up time and save effort. Personal computing and the Internet have created a time of unprecedented opportunity for people to do more of what they love—gift the world with their expertise— and prosper while doing it!

Having supported herself with her computer science degree for more than two decades—working a variety of regular “jobs”—Cheryl’s long-held desire was to find an effective way to make the transition from a “job” to supporting herself via her “joys” in life. The point of which was to progressively spend more and more time doing things she naturally loved, and less and less time doing things she “had to” or “should do”.

Years of experimenting led her to discover that authoring a book, and creating a series of follow-up information products (and/or services), is one of the most effect strategies to:

  • Share your unique expertise with the world;
  • Create multiple streams of income;
  • Make the transition from a “job” to living your “joys”;
  • Focus more of your time and effort doing things you love;
  • Create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about!

Cheryl’s mission is to help others use this practical, step-by-step method to systematically liberate themselves from their “job” and transition to their life’s calling.

Cheryl is author of FREE To BE: An Introduction to Metaphysics, the Law of Attraction, and the Teachings of Harold Stubbs Vol. 1 and host of the Manifest Your Mission™ series.