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Automatically Capture Leads

with zero effort on your part

Customers are 21 times more likely to buy if they are followed-up within 5 minutes?

Marketing automation can capture and follow-up your leads immediately with zero effort on your part

It’s generally agreed that one of the best first steps towards gathering a tribe of raving fans and growing a successful business is building a working list of prospects and customers that is much more than just a bunch of names and email addresses.

It’s most effective if you also collect useful marketing details on your tribe members and organize this data in a way that will help you build powerful campaigns that build rapport and truly connect with those people.

Whether you’d like us to use traditional forms of lead capture such as e-mail, voice and web forms or are ready to step up to the latest mobile marketing technology that is revolutionizing marketing communications, our Automatic Follow-up System (AFS) delivers it all for you in one easy to use integrated, automated platform.

Campaigns can make use any or all of our capture types and every one of your contacts will always be available to be followed up with using any or all of the outbound message delivery choices the system can do for you.

And if you’d like, we can even put your contacts into multiple campaigns and have those be automatically changed based on actions they take.

Our system consolidates all of your lead capture into one place and automates your follow up in a way that will ensure your tribe raves about you.

Our automated capture methods include the following (click for more information):

SMS/Text Messaging | Insightful Marketing Inc. SMS/Text Messaging
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Mobile SMS/Text messaging has become a worldwide phenomenon that involves people of all walks of life; young and old alike. This inexpensive form of communication is quickly becoming the preferred way of connection with others. An mind blowing statistic shows that 91% of mobile phone users keep their phone within one meter of them 24 hours a day and that they allows keep their phones turned ON. This means that text messaging is the most readily accessible method one can use to subscribe to your campaigns. With the proper incentive action to subscribe can take a matter of seconds. Someone does not have to wait to get to a computer but rather just pickup their mobile phone and text away. Fast and easy.

With our Automatic Lead capture Follow-up (AFS) system, subscribers can text their name, e-mail address, website and really whatever you like to your campaign phone number. Their texted information will automatically populate your campaign’s database fields. The mobile phone number that is used by the subscriber is automatically recorded so there is no need to ask someone to send in the phone number because we have already acquired it.

The system has the flexibility to immediately respond or schedule a future reply to a subscriber’s enrollment. Although the subscription came in via SMS we can configure the system to automatically follow up using an e-mail autoresponder or a mobile text message or both.

E-mail Automator | Insightful Marketing Inc. E-mail Automator
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E-mail enrollment into a specific campaign is an important tool and our automatic lead capture system takes full advantage of it. Every campaign we set up is given a unique e-mail address to route the information. The unique e-mail address does not have to be requested in advance but rather it is always there to use on-demand.

We can deliver high quality e-mail campaigns that allow for graphics, links and much more.

As with all of our capture methods we can set the system up to immediately respond or schedule a future reply to a subscriber’s enrollment. Although the subscription came in via e-mail we can configure the system to automatically follow up using an e-mail autoresponder or a mobile text message or both.

Web Forms (Embedded) | Insightful Marketing Inc. Embedded Web Forms
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Do you already have your website in place? Most subscription forms just send data from your site to a database that just sits around and does nothing. Replace your web forms with our Subscription Form and have your leads assigned to a specific campaign that is configured to automatically respond via an e-mail autoresponder or mobile text message or both.

We can set up a standard form or customize your web form to get exactly the type of information you want to receive from your leads using our advanced API.

Lead Page Generator | Insightful Marketing Inc. Lead Page Generator
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Don’t worry if you don’t have a website established for your company or service. We can easily build a new lead generation site that is unique to a specific campaign, and leads acquired from your site will automatically be added to a contact record for the campaign.

We can embed photos and/or videos to the lead page in order to create a media rich website presence that will drive leads to your campaigns and your new leads will be contacted automatically via an e-mail autoresponder or mobile text message or both.


3Trends to Watch in 2012

The field of marketing is quickly transitioning from an art form into a precise and measurable science. Simultaneously, interactions with prospects are more complex than ever before as social media marketing comes of age and new channels of communication are conceived all the time.

Luckily, marketing automation is evolving just as quickly. Here are three prominent marketing trends in 2012, and how marketing automation platforms can help marketers navigate these changes:

1. Varied Content and Distribution Channels
It will become increasingly important in 2012 that marketing automation systems integrate with a wide variety of social media channels.

2. Personalization
The internet has become a personalized space in ways formerly unfathomable. Consumers will come to expect access to information tailored perfectly to their needs, and fast.

3. More Sophisticated Metrics
Rather than measuring page views and click rates, marketers are starting to focus on numbers that relate directly to revenue – such as the number of MQLs generated, the percentage of MQLs that converted to opportunities and, ultimately, the dollar value of these opportunities.

—Adam Blitzer
February 21, 2012