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SMS/Text Messaging

Automatically and immediately respond to prospects 24/7

Mobile SMS/Text messaging has become a worldwide phenomenon that involves people of all walks of life; young and old alike. This inexpensive form of communication is quickly becoming the preferred way of connection with others. An mind blowing statistic shows that 91% of mobile phone users keep their phone within one meter of them 24 hours a day and that they allows keep their phones turned ON. This means that text messaging is the most readily accessible method one can use to subscribe to your campaigns. With the proper incentive action to subscribe can take a matter of seconds. Someone does not have to wait to get to a computer but rather just pickup their mobile phone and text away. Fast and easy.

With our Automatic Lead capture Follow-up (AFS) system, subscribers can text their name, e-mail address, website and really whatever you like to your campaign phone number. Their texted information will automatically populate your campaign’s database fields. The mobile phone number that is used by the subscriber is automatically recorded so there is no need to ask someone to send in the phone number because we have already acquired it.

The system has the flexibility to immediately respond or schedule a future reply to a subscriber’s enrollment. Although the subscription came in via SMS we can configure the system to automatically follow up using an e-mail autoresponder or a mobile text message or both.