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Do your printed marketing materials look professional?
  • Consult With Printer
  • Equipment Capabilities

  • Traditional Printing

  • Digital Printing

  • Vector vs Raster

  • Colour Settings
  • Colour Matching

  • CMYK
  • Print Quality

Ever send your artwork to the printer only to find out—too late—that your documents are not set up properly or the colours turned out all wrong?

We handle the printing process so our clients can set their mind at ease

Are you getting the quality you expect in your printed marketing materials? Are the colours as expected? Are the images high enough resolution? Have you ever ordered and paid for 2,000 print items, only to discover a short time later that some of the copy needed to change?

Here are some common issues that client’s face regarding printing:

  • Going to print & the fonts won’t read because the computer doesn’t have them
  • Forgetting to put a bleed on your document
  • Forgetting to change from RGB to CMYK when printing
  • Ensuring the right colours are printed
  • Logo or company artwork won’t work on a variety of mediums
  • Before designing, ask the printer first to ensure design will print properly
  • Use digital printing or traditional?
  • Order appropriate quantities
  • Paper selection
  • Raster vs. Vector graphics
  • Scanning for different media

As part of our Insightful Marketing Program™, we shepherd all printed marketing materials from concept, to design, to printing for our clients. In this way, we ensure that the marketing materials maintain a superior level of quality and service throughout the entire marketing production process.