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Web Design Process

You can watch your website as it evolves!

Our web design process is extremely fast and straightforward. In fact, all but our largest projects are finished in less than 4 weeks! Our design process follows the following steps:

Step One—Choose a Design Package

Either Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum (Platinum packages are only available for our Insightful Marketing Program™ or our Yellow Pages #1 service). You can discuss the details of your specific needs with your Insightful Marketing Account Executive. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Step Two—Select a Template

Choose from existing website templates (always changing). Remember, your template will be customized for your business so it will not look like other websites. For more information about why it is best to use a template, read about Templates.


Step Three—Discovery Meeting

Next, Insightful Marketing Inc. will schedule a “Discovery Meeting” where you will meet with one of our Marketing Consultants so that we can learn everything we need to know about your company and industry. We will use the information gleaned from this meeting to write your video script(s) and the content for your website.

Step Four—Video Shoot

Once the video script(s) are finished. We will schedule your video shoot(s). Most of the time, you will come in to our studio in Victoria, but sometimes we can handle the video shoot onsite at your location. While your video is being produced, the Web Designer assigned to your project will be working on your website in an “incubation site” so you can see the site develop on a daily basis.

Step Five—Go Live

Once all content is available for viewing, you will approve the final design and the site will officially “Go Live.” Insightful Marketing will provide you with a complete customized User’s Guide and website manual in a 3-ring binder which will include:

  • Necessary passwords and access to hosting provider;
  • A backup CD-ROM of the entire website;
  • Original graphics and video on CD-ROM in multiple formats;
  • Audio files (if applicable);
  • PDF Documents (if applicable).