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5 Reasons To Avoid A Custom-Coded Website

Learn about the numerous benefits web templates offer

Wondering whether or not you should “cough up the big bucks” to have a web development company make a brand new website for your company? Before you go spending money, we urge you to ensure your website will be built using a content management system like WordPress or Joomla.

Such a system will make use of “templates”, which allow your website’s articles and text to be treated separately from your website’s “look and feel.” Expand and read about each reason to save yourselve a lot of time, money, effort, and frustration:

Reason #1—Nice-Looking Websites Are Not That Valuable

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If you think you need a “cool” website, think again. Many business owners have the impression their website should be “a place where someone can find out more information about my business“—kind of like an online brochure. This misses the purpose. Your website needs to be a marketing tool. It needs to be an educational powerhouse that actually makes you real money because it causes your prospects to draw this conclusion, “I’d have to be an absolute fool to do business with anybody else but you regardless of price.”

In order to have this effect on your prospects and clients, you need to have the right content and message on your website. If you have the right content and message, your website will be an effective marketing tool. Thus the design matters little. Basically, you just need to make sure that its “look” avoids being distracting or disorganized.

You want to ensure viewers can easily find information and educate themselves. Your prospects need answers to frequently asked questions. And they need you to bring to their attention all the questions they should be asking when selecting the type of service or product your business offers.

Reason #2—Custom-Coded Web Designs Take Too Long To Develop

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Today, the best way to get a website built quickly is to use an existing template. There are many incredible templates created on a number of different platforms (Joomla, WordPress, etc.) that can be customized and ready to go for your business within days instead of weeks or months. Why wait for endless revisions on a custom design, when you can simply pick a nice-looking template and get started NOW?

You might worry that your website will “look like everyone else’s” if you use a template. Let’s put your mind at ease. The likelihood that a customer looking up your business will recognize your website as using the same template that another website uses is slim to none. You’d probably have better odds being eaten by a shark! There are so many websites out there (millions). Furthermore, you can still customize your template to make it unique—so don’t let a web developer pressure you into a high-priced custom design by telling you that custom is the “only way to go”.

Reason #3—Custom-Coded Web Designs Cost Too Much Money

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If you want to give away tens of thousands of dollars for no good reason to a custom web development firm so that you can have a custom-coded web design that doesn’t make you any actual money, then go for it! It’s your money. But think about this—you can have a website that is just as aesthetically appealing as a custom design for 50% to 75% less by simply using a template. Remember, it’s the content on the website that matters a thousand times more than the design.

Reason #4—Custom-Coded Websites Cannot Be Easily Changed

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If you use a template-based website, you can usually make complete changes to the look-and-feel of your entire website in a day or two (in some cases it can be done in a matter of seconds). That’s right, a few clicks and you have a completely new website! This can be done quickly and inexpensively if your website is starting to look dated, or if you just want a new design. With a custom website, you’re going to have to start from scratch and spend tens of thousands of dollars AGAIN.

Reason #5—Most Web Designers Don’t Know How To Create Valuable Content

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There is a big problem in the web design industry that is not really being addressed. Though it can be easily explained and understood, not many realize that web designers are not marketing consultants or copywriters. Understand that web designers usually have no idea how to create or help you create good marketing content that actually generates sales for you.

On the flip side, a good marketing consultant or copywriter who does know how to create good content and craft powerful strategic marketing messages usually has no idea how to design a nice looking website. So, you end up with one of the following: a nice looking website with worthless content, or a website with great content and a strong marketing message that looks like garbage.

The best way to solve this problem is to work with an agency that has both:

  • Marketing Consultants: Who understand the unique value your business offers its customers and can write effective marketing content to reflect your branding;
  • Web Designers: Who can quickly modify and customize existing templates using the content the marketing consultants have written specifically for your business.

This way, each can focus on their individual strengths, while both contribute to creating a website whose purpose is to be an effective marketing tool—not just a fancy online brochure.