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Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

SEO methods constantly change and require weekly monitoring, quarterly adjustments, and a multipronged approach
  • Search Engine Optimization Constantly Changes
    Constantly Changes
  • And involves multiple approaches
  • When done well
  • It will help ROCKET your sales
    It will

You could have the best website, but if your competitor’s has better search engine optimization (SEO) they will show up ahead of you in the rankings—fewer prospects means lower sales for you

A regularly updated SEO plan is a must in order to Build Your Platform, drive traffic to your sites, and grow a loyal community of fans who will advertise for you
June 21st, 2012

Negative SEO Concerns Rise, Post-Penguin

Google’s recent Penguin update had the best of intentions – to penalize unsavory backlinks. As a content marketer, I saw this as great news, since Penguin gives site owners a bigger incentive to steer clear of manipulative link-building tactics and instead concentrate on developing useful content.

There is a dark side, however. Because Penguin took bad links from a neutral ranking factor to a negative ranking factor, scammers now have a bigger incentive to sabotage competitors by messing up their link profiles. And while this type of treachery, referred to as negative SEO, has been around forever, few deny that today, the potential for negative SEO is greater than it’s been for some time.

So what does it take to get your site to show up on page #1 of the Google search results? And how do you get to be #1? And how do you prevent the situation described in the quote from by Brad Shorr? This is what search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM) is all about. As a business, you need to know that SEO takes time and a ton of effort in order to generate a Return On Investment (ROI).

You may not want to hear this, but you cannot just buy your way to the top. And unless you’ve got a lot of spare time on your hands—unlikely if you are running a successful business—realistically you cannot do it yourself either. SEO is about finesse, not power. It requires innovative strategies, consistent execution, a deep understanding, weekly monitoring, and revised strategies every 3 months (yes, every 3 months!).

SEO & SEM issues to be aware of:  Click to read more...

  • SEO is VERY time consuming;
  • Recognizing that SEO is a service, not a product;
  • Monitor, analyze, and report weekly ranking;
  • Not only keep up-to-date on current effective strategies, but stay ahead of the curve to maintain top placement;
  • Modify existing strategies every quarter (or more often as required);
  • Link building, onsite programming, content, Social Media, and video ALL affect where you rank online. Doing one thing en masse is not going to get you to the top of the search engine;
  • Use ALT and TITLE tags: give images a name and ensure that when your mouse moves over the image a “label” pops up telling you what the image is (this helps Google find your content);
  • Set realistic marketing goals around the budget you have in place:
    • Length of SEO Campaign
    • Market Needs
    • Competitiveness of your Industry
    • Projected Outcome
    • Length of time
    • How far behind you are
  • The Google Panda Updates have proven to be one of the most unsettling and nerve racking developments in the SEO industry since its inception.
  • Buyer beware, not all SEO companies are ethical or offer ethical SEO services. Unsavoury backlinks are a reality that won’t go away any time soon.
  • MicroData implementation is now a common standard used by Google, Bing and Yahoo to better describe and attribute credit to websites, their authors et al;
  • Webpages need to be more and more personalized;
  • More emphasis on quality articles and content that is specific to a topic;
  • Build strategies with Google+ and the rel=author Link in mind
  • Use proven techniques and strategies that have the greatest likelihood of withstanding
    changes to the search engines’ algorithms

To impact your bottom line, traffic must be driven to your website and blog and Social Media pages. You must monitor your website rankings every week (and for some businesses daily) and keep making adjustments if you want to consistently be on the 1st page of Google search results, nevermind the #1 spot.

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These days, maintaining top search engine rankings also requires new current and relevant content. This means regular articles and regular video posts. For some businesses this might mean one new article and one new video per month. For more competitive industries, this might mean one new article and video per WEEK.

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