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    CEOs Ramp Up Social Media
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In three years, the primary method people will use to find and choose a business to buy from will depend on referrals from their Facebook friends

Charlene Li, one of the world’s leading thinkers on social media and co-founder of the Altimeter Group, a research-based advisory firm in San Mateo, Calif., predicts that companies that do not get on the social media bandwagon soon—within three to five years—will not survive. It’s not an overstatement to say social media is transforming every aspect of business.

—Jason Daley
November 23, 2010
Entrepreneur magazine

Savvy consumers today overwhelmingly rely on referrals by others. Are you aware that your customers:

  • favour information and opinions from their social networks;
  • have access to vast amounts of information about you, your company, your products or services (and those of your competition);
  • have unprecedented demands on their time;
  • are completely overwhelmed with data;
  • resent being “sold to.”

Today’s successful businesses must connect and interact with community, providing value to potential customers before they ever attempt to make a sale. So how do you do that? You must facilitate the decision-making process and educate prospects by sharing relevant, timely tips and strategies using social media marketing tools.

Successful businesses must now get their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts working together. This means posting your valuable content on your Facebook page and blog. And you need to let people know you’ve posted something valuable using Twitter. This will allow you (and your valuable products and services) to be invited to the social media conversation. In the era of information-overload, it is crucial that your marketing include a social media plan tailored to the unique products and services you offer.

With a social media plan, valuable content and regular posts, use of social media builds community, credibility, and trust. These are the building blocks that create referrals and position your business to be a part of the social media discussion via Facebook and Google+, not to mention raved about on Twitter. This also gives your fans a way to give you valuable feedback on how to improve your business, thus sell more. Loyal fans advertise for you.

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