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SMS Virtual Message Conversations

Text messages have a 96% open rate & are typically read within an average of 15 minutes

SMS Virtual Message ConversationsIn 2009, U.S. wireless carriers reported that the volume of text messages surpassed the number of phone calls for the first time. Mobile phones have redefined our availability and now texting is leading a whole new wave of change in our lives. At this very moment, there are twice as many people using text messaging globally as there are using e-mail!

The scourge of SPAM has caused lots, if not most unfamiliar e-mail to not get opened. The good news is text messages are viewed faster and replied to more radily than any other form of communication, period. Text messages, which currently have an astounding 96% open rate, are typically read within an average of 15 minutes after they’ve been received and are responded to within an hour!

With our automatic text messaging capabilities as part of your marketing plan, and you’ll see huge results.

Our system takes mobile SMS texting to a whole new level. We can set up “Virtual SMS/Text Conversations,” giving your prospects and customers the feeling of a live conversation with your company. These conversations can be used to give them information or to collect survey data for smarter marketing to them later.

Once a prospect has subscribed to your campaign the system can be setup to automatically send them an SMS message that initiates a conversation that you already scripted. Your prospect will feel like they’re getting personal engagement and attention. We’re naturally drawn to people we feel are listening to us. Our automated system gives your business the power to automatically do that with each and every one of your prospects and customers.

The system is completely flexible, so we can create conversations as a string of multiple messages that can be sent out immediately one after another or timed for specific delivery dates. We can also have a message tree that responds with specific messages based on the responses your prospects send you. This is truly “set-it-and-forget-it” automation.