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Data Mining

Automatically personalize marketing communications

Data mining technology has made it possible for marketing to become much more personal than ever before. Knowing your customers is key to your business growth and the fact of the matter is that your customers are expecting you to know what they want and are ever more annoyed with random offers for things they don’t want or need. You need to create relevance in your marketing campaigns and reach out to identifiable types of customers and hit on their particular needs. The process of finding and studying data of potential customers for your venture doesn’t have to be complex or expensive, but it is extremely important. In a nutshell, it requires you to find out everything that you can about the customer whom you intend to pursue.

Our system is a powerful business intelligence gathering tool that generates reports that give you valuable demographic information about your customers in a form you can understand.

We can take an active role by setting up customer surveys that collect additional demographic and even psychographic data. We can provide Keyword Density Analysis reports that show what your customers are talking and asking about. Using this data can help you formulate future marketing offers to specific customers types that are tailored to their needs. If you have data that shows your lead has children, then sending out a back-to-school marketing campaign will strike a cord with them. Sending the same campaign out to a lead that does not show for children and your campaign feels like SPAM. Knowing your customer is the number one key to success for any business and our system was built with this in mind.