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Insightful Marketing Program™

Grow revenue using personalized, automated mobile & Internet marketing strategies
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The Insightful Marketing Program™ is an innovative, comprehensive system designed to grow revenue and elevate your company to indusry expert

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Our approach combines the best elements of several well-known marketing systems and experts including: Rich Harshaw (Monopolize Your Marketplace), Michael Gerber (the E-Myth), Eben Page, and others. Our trademarked system is comprised of five parts:

Part One: Business Innovation

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You can no longer rely on the C.R.a.P. approach to marketing to win and keep customers. The vast reach and speed of social media today means that if you continue to use this out-dated approach, you will suffer an ever-increasing loss of business as your competitors—who take the time to offer value and educate your customers—will scoop up all your business.

Instead, what values do you hold or what unique process is there in your business that makes you unique? We work with you to help identify how your business is distinctly different from your competitors. Then we examine your business processes to see if opportunities exist to incorporate innovations into your marketing and business practices, with an aim to give your customers even more of what they’d like your business to offer. We teach you how to leverage your uniqueness—regardless of your industry—using time-tested formulas that actually work, even if you are in a product-based industry.

Part Two: The Marketing Equation

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The Marketing Equation is a revolutionary formula for marketing success developed by marketing guru Rich Harshaw, who wrote the book “Monopolize Your Marketplace.” One of Harshaw’s insights—about the evolution of marketing—is that prior to the age of television, businesses competed by properly educating their customers about the merit of their products and industry services. This meant that the consumer was in a position to make an informed buying decision.

The age of television and the rise of TV network monopolies meant that only a few large companies could afford to use commercials to advertise. Since there is little or no time to educate a consumer in a 30 or 60 second commercial, companies were reduced to using clever sound tracks and captivating graphics to grab the viewer’s attention. And this was—and continues to be—the most popular form of marketing, which continues to be at the expense of educating consumers.

The age of social media has returned us to the era before C.R.a.P. marketing. Today’s savvy consumers are demanding to be educated and insisting on having access to peer reviews of your industry’s products and services before they are willing to buy from you. Rich Harshaw’s Marketing Equation is the foundation for all our tactical and strategic marketing efforts, thus we specifically create advertising and website copy for you that aims to educate your customers so they are in a position to make an informed buying decision when purchasing your distinct and valuable products and services. And also so your customers come to the conclusion—on their own—that they’d “be a fool to do business with anyone else, regardless of price.”

Part Three: Comprehensive Internet Marketing Suite

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Another adage from the era of the C.R.a.P. approach to marketing was that marketers only knew that 50% of their marketing budget was effective, but they didn’t know which half. Thus, they had to continue to spend 100% because effective measurements were lacking.

Insightful Marketing Inc. creates and executes a specific and comprehensive suite of advanced Internet and mobile marketing techniques. In short, we develop and automate an online marketing program that:

We believe that if a strategy or process can be measured it can be managed. Thus, we can demonstrate how to relate money and effort spent using mobile and Internet marketing strategies to specific measureable outcomes for a given time period.

Once we have your customized marketing strategies and tools in place, our remuneration is tied to your company’s success.

Part Four: Systematized Sales Process

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We analyze your sales process and then create a new sales approach that is systematized to ensure that every customer and prospect has a specific and proven sales experience.

Part Five: Branding

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Finally, it’s always important that you look your best and put your best foot forward. It’s virtually impossible to overstate how important it is for your business to look and act like the most professional company in town. Insightful Marketing Inc. will design and execute a complete and synergistic branding package that covers all areas of marketing—not just logos and colours. Your Branding and imaging must include a “mental image” of what people think about your business when they hear your name or see any of your marketing materials (including your logo).