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Platform Building

Position. Publish. Productize. Promote. Profit.
  • Build Your Lists
    Your Lists
  • 1 Position | Platform Building
  • 2 Publish | Platform Building
  • 3 Product | Platform Building
  • 4 Promote | Platform Building
  • 5 Profit | Platform Building
  • Together, these are your PLATFORM
    are your


Author, Expert, or Business Owner: To grow and thrive, you must cultivate loyal followers

This Requires Platform Building

Platform building consists of positioning, publishing, products, promotion, and profit.Now, more than ever, you MUST have a platform. As a business. As an author or expert—and we are ALL experts in something. You are probably saying, “I don’t know what the heck that is so how could I possibly need it?”

Your platform is your knowledge and know-how. It is everyone who knows you. All your connections and contacts. It is your “list”. It is also your ability to get attention and create “buzz”. It is also your products and services. Your platform is your currency. And when you have one, it is a source of prosperity and is leverage for life.

Platform building consists of five pieces:

  • Position: You are an expert and authority. Positioning you to magnetically attract people who want to do business with you. This requires you to show up and be regarded as a problem-solver or provider of solutions;
  • Publish: Strategies to turn your knowledge or your product into a book or regular articles and blog entries. Have your book or articles add value and benefit your readers, so they are willing to give you their precious contact information;
  • Productize: A list of people interested in your expertise positions you to later sell your valuable products, services, and knowledge;
  • Promote: As your list grows, it will be easier and easier to promote yourself, your products and your services. Automation, mobile marketing, and social media are vital. You must have systems in place to capture and follow-up customer leads;
  • Profit: When you have position, have published, have a product or service to promote, then you are in a position to profit. A way for customers to buy from you is the final piece of the platform puzzle. You can sell your product or service. You can sell your book. You can offer webinars, teleseminars, or training modules.

As an owner, when business is slow having a platform gives you a way to fill your restaurant quickly or get people in your store (e.g., one idea is to send a time-limited special offer to your “VIP” club via text messaging or your e-mali list). For an author, it means getting picked up by a publish house—they buy platforms, not books. For an expert, it means getting people signed up for your in-person or online webinars, teleseminars, and courses.

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