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Yellow Pages #1

Dominate this traditional advertising medium with our 10 point system

Noticed your Yellow Page advertising isn’t as effective as it used to be?

The first one to implement our 10 point system will dominate the Yellow Pages for your Industry and Local

So, are you still using Yellow Pages advertising? Yes? And is it giving you the customer leads you’d like? Or are you finding it less effective than before? If you’d like to know how come, then keep reading.

Here’s a little experiment: go get your copy of the Yellow Pages and look up the section on “plumbers”. Got it? Now, look at the ADs. They probably say things like “bonded”, “guaranteed”, “insured”, and “been in business for __ years”. From looking at these ADs, which one(s) will give you the kind of service you’d like. Which ones will exceed your expectations? Which one(s) uniquely distinguish themselves and stand out? If you you had a plumbing problem today, which one would you pick? Can’t tell? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Likely you are noticing that all the ADs look the same and that they basically say the same thing. So if they all look the same and say the same thing, how are you supposed to pick one? Do you find yourself saying, “Well, I guess they’re all the same so I’ll just phone and see about prices.” In that moment, you’ve reduced your decision making to price alone. Whoever is to get your business needs to give you the “best price”.

Now let’s return to you. Flip to your business’ section in the Yellow Pages. Look at all the ADs. Do all the ADs for your industry look the same? Say the same things? Does your AD stand out? So put yourself in your customer’s shoes: can your customers distinguish you and your products and services from the rest of the pack? Or has your AD left the customer in the same position you were in with the plumbers? This is the reason when your customers phone you all they want to talk about is price.

Your AD has conditioned them to think you are like all the rest and the only thing they need to know about your products and services is price. Your business may be far superior than your competition but your AD does not educate your customers, thus the only thing they have to go on is price. Get the picture?

If your marketing is effective, your prospects naturally come to the conclusion, “I would have to be an absolute fool to do business with anybody else but you, regardless of price.” Our 10-point marketing process is designed to have your customers come to the above conclusion:

  • Insightful Marketing Inc. marketing message (creation of your “master letter”)
  • Graphic design package (colour AD for Yellow Pages and brochures)
  • Creation of a downloadable PDF report (i.e., a consumer report specific to your industry and local)
  • Design of pre-positioning sales tool (postcard, letter or flyer sent to customers)
  • Complete sales scripting package for your staff to use: when answering your company phones; taking orders; or meet clients in person;
  • Audio messages for your company phone’s on-hold message (and after hours voicemail message)
  • Google+ Local and search engine optimization (SEO) specific to your industry and local
  • Branded website
  • Custom video production (at least 11 videos to include on your website)
  • Professional portraits for staff

The first business to implement our system—which includes specific Internet and mobile marketing strategies used in conjunction with Rich Harshaw’s The Marketing Equation—will dominate their local industry.

To find out more, watch our “Yellow Pages #1″ video above, contact us to schedule an appointment.