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Your website & marketing materials suffer from C.R.a.P: A paradigm shift is required

Categories: Marketing Copy, AD Copy, Internet Marketing, Marketing Copy, Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Website Design | Posted by: Cheryl

When a few large companies—that were to become todays national TV networks—took over independent TV stations across the US in the 1950s, the prices for TV commercials sky rocketed.

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Are you leaving $$$ on the table? 6 Tips to Improve Your Text Messaging Campaigns

Categories: Internet Marketing, Marketing Automation, Mobile Marketing, Platform Building, Mobile Marketing, Text Messaging | Posted by: Cheryl

Sales agents have a VERY narrow time window in which to contact new prospects before those leads become unresponsive or “cold.” According to a groundbreaking 2009 study by Dr. James Oldroyd, if a first contact attempt is made

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